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We make MULTIVITAMINS with carefully blended herbs and whole foods

No Powders Just Real Food

Bringing a powerful super cube to your dogs bowl

We freeze the superfoods into a tiny dog bone shape

Serve Frozen or Melted

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We are all about the food you put into your dog and their organ functions with these foods! Looking after your dogs Microbiome is so important but not many people are aware of this. The Microbiome is like your dogs ECO SYSTEM. Food is a preventative medicine for puppies, middle age and old dogs.  Even healthy dogs benefit from this . With k9 disease on the increase, inflammation caused by poor diet is the cause for most disease. K9 Bionics gives everything your dog needs to rebuild there immune systems naturally. We are non GMO, no wheat, no grains, no gluten and no preservatives. We only use 5 

Ingredients. We freeze the goodness into the Superfood melts using herbs, super greens and natural healing products. We want to share our secret to k9 health, to save good dogs from bad foods. Our mission is this! Join us on our mission to give all dogs, a healthy immune system to stop this in the future. If your just starting out with a new pup or you have an older dog, it’s never too late to start and never too early. They rely on us for the choices we make.


No Drying.                  100%Raw 

No Heating.                All Natural

No Additives               Grass Fed

No Preservatives.       Organic

No Colors                   Active Ingredients

No Gluten                   Whole Foods & Herbs

NoFillers                     Fresh To Frozen

Non GMO.                 Made In The USA

Only 5 Ingredients

Improvements in 5 Days

Human Grade Ingredients

Frozen From Fresh

Real Raw Foods (No Raw Meats)

Fresh Herbs

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Frozen vitamins 

Keeping Your Dog In Tip Top Nutribarxe Health

Saving YOU Time Worry & Money

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All information in this website are not evaluated by the FDA. When choosing to use Intergrative health and supplements you should  consult your vet first. These products are a natural way to treat your pet but not intended to replace your vet. We can work with your vet for optimum results for your dog. These products does  not cure, treat or prevent disease and neither diagnose a health issue.  Always consult your vet.

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